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World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore Elevates the Lowly Bank Alt

Classic Hardcore's perma-death makes a bank alt vital to securing your wealth

There I was in Stonetalon Mountains on my level 18 mage. I locked onto a spider near the road. There were no other mobs around. This would be an easy kill. I cast Frostbolt, and everything froze. My Wi-Fi chose that moment to hiccup. By the time I closed WoW, reconnected, and logged back in, I was dead. Normally, I would spirit run to my corpse and continue the game, but this was World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore where you have one life. This character was gone. I didn’t mind losing 18 levels of progress as much as the bag full of herbs and 3 gold. Needless to say, I have a dutiful bank alt in Thunder Bluff now.

Once Upon A Bank Alt

A bank alt is created to be a centralized money holder, and post items on the auction house, sparing your main from having to leave questing to do it. Ironically, of all the things you can place in your game bank account, money isn’t one of them. This leaves the choice of hoping for the best as you quest, or sending money to an alt to safeguard.

I don’t find bank alts to be as common in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, due to an auction house and capital city portals being present in the Dragon Isles city of Valdrakken. Though spend time in Stormwind or Orgrimmar on a Classic Hardcore Realm and you will easily spot the bank alts; gray geared level 1s hustling back and forth between the mailbox and auction house.

The Classic mail system restricts bank alts when a quick auction house transaction is needed due to it taking an hour for mail to be received once sent. In these situations, best to take a trip and handle the transaction directly.

Another corpse for scavengers. I wonder if they sent their money to a bank alt before leaving town?

Hitting The Road

Creating a bank alt is simple; create a character, give it a bankish name, and head to the capital city. This may sound suicidal, running a new character past red mobs even in a starter zone, but you are safe by staying on the road and being aware of mobs that stray close to it. Once in the city, station next to the mailbox, and there you have it. Bank alts good to send old bags as your character obtains larger bags, and you mail it more loot.

Playing Hardcore requires constant awareness of your surroundings, especially when spotting a treasure chest or resource to gather. Always proceed with caution if you would normally expect more mobs to be present. Nothing worse than trapped in the middle of a respawn. If this does happen, hopefully, your bank alt holds the money to help give your next character a solid start.

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