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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Hints At New Underwear Options

The new expansion appears to add modesty to female and sexiness to male undergarments

It seems so long ago that Blizzard confronted potentially outdated sexist references in World of Warcraft by replacing barely discernable brothel paintings with images of fruit. While I applaud their intentions, I felt the action fell short of dealing with far more visible examples of sexualized game development. In the article, World of Warcraft 9.1.5 Remains A Tone Deaf Response To Sexualization Concerns, I listed two additional changes which can be implemented. The surprisingly high volume of negative feedback, from primarily male players, makes this my most controversial article. Based on recent screenshots of the Dracthyr, however, it appears one suggestion is coming true, in the form of new underwear.

The unexpected change is evident in the character comparison below. Two of the female Dracthyr are wearing shorts instead of the long standing high cut bikini bottoms. This was one of my suggestions to provide choice to the player.

Dracthyr can sport shorts if they’re not feeling the high cut

The male Dracthyr also display a choice between Speedo and Jockey. Although not yet announced, there is no reason to believe this change would be restricted to them alone. It is a small change, but so are most of the character customizations. It provides the player the option to decide how to present themselves, and that makes it a worthy change.

Men can also decide to be chill or hot

With transmog options allowing players to turn off chest and pants pieces, providing different underwear choices fits with customizing the modesty level of the character.

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