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Warcraft Mobile Game Reveal Announced for May 3

Blizzard has announced a May 3 reveal of the Warcraft mobile game at 10AM PST (1PM EST). The untitled project has been a source of speculation, particularly following the muted reaction by the player community when Blizzard‘s other mobile project Diablo: Immortal was announced at Blizzcon 2018. We have no details on the scope or time frame of the game, or if it will stand alone or compliment the retail game.

Will a successful launch of Diablo: Immortal smooth the way for Warcraft to go mobile?

Diablo: Immortal is scheduled to be released on June 2, 2022. If the game captures the players attention, particularly the critics, it will go a long way for general acceptance of a Warcraft themed mobile game. Who knows? Maybe a Starcraft mobile game could be the next venture.

Correction: This article initially reported the reveal of a World of Warcraft mobile game. The mobile game is based on the Warcraft games, which also take place on Azeroth, but several years before the events of the first World of Warcraft game.

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