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World of Warcraft Applying Desperate Content Bandage To Patch 9.1.5

Within the past week, Blizzard announced new game play options added to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5. The upcoming changes are not related to the Shadowlands story, but are customizations features for which the community has been requesting. Blizzard’s surprise announcements are their latest attempt to stem the bleeding of players due to reports of the company’s culture and player dissatisfaction with the direction of the franchise. Whether Blizzard thought these changes would soothe upset players or was just low-hanging fruit on the development tree to push in time for 9.1.5 is unknown at this time.

New Character Customization

Expanded character customizations were one of the primary features of Shadowlands, but not all races received the same number of upgrades. The widest variety of options were added to the older races, leaving newer Allied Races to wait until after Shadowlands. With Blizzard’s about face on the matter, 9.1.5 will add new customization to the Horde’s Nightborne and Alliance’s Lightforged Draenei. These changes will include hair styles, hair colors, facial hair, skin colors, accessories, horns, tail length, tattoos, and yet unannounced features.

Preview of Nightborne customization updates

The other new customization options slated for 9.1.5 include:

  • Ear Size options for Void Elves
  • New Travel Forms for Druids
  • New Soulshapes for Night Fae
    • New Crittershapes to unlock: Soulshape into an adorable squirrel or other small critters. Note: Due to their tiny appearances, they are only usable in rested areas.
    • Option to Soulshape and Crittershape into randomly collected appearances.
  • New Toys
Preview of Lightborne Draenei customization updates

Blizzard is also adding 5 new hair colors for Alliance Void Elves, and stated they will be focusing on the Horde Highmountain Tauren next.

Solo Island Expeditions

Island Expeditions were introduced in the last expansion, World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth. The 3-player scenarios had two parties of Horde and Alliance players dropped on uncharted islands and completing to collect the most Azerite. Victorious players can obtain Seafarer’s Dubloon, used to purchase mounts, pets, cosmetic items, and consumables. In 9.1.5, Island Expeditions will finally be soloable.

Island Expeditions provide foes and dangers in the quest for Azerite

Since Battle for Azeroth is the base level 10 to 50 game, following Shadowlands leveling squish, making Island Expeditions a soloable adventure, similar to Torghast, makes sense. Whether we can expect additional BFA quality of life changes to enhance the player’s journey to 50 remains to be seen.

What Could Be Next?

If it is Blizzard’s intent to be more responsive to player requests and feedback, and deliver quality of life changes at a faster pace, what changes would improve your enjoyment of Shadowlands, Classic, or World of Warcraft in general?

My Desire – Torghast Reward Choice

I like the concept of Torghast, being primarily a solo player and Hades fan, but the soul ash and soul cinders rewards feel lacking considering the time required to complete a run. Blizzard has made soul ash transferable between characters, minus a processing fee, which is a small improvement. I would like to have a choice of rewards; soul ash, soul cinders, anima, stygia, or catalogued research. Granting me the freedom to decide what I want to strive for would provide a renewed reason to invest time in the Tower of The Damned again and again.

Torghast has such wonderful things to show you

What Changes Would You Like To See Implemented?

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  1. Johnleigh says:

    Being able to save is the middle of a solo Torghast run. Why can we do this now?

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