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Presenting the Fantastic Deep In The Keep Logo

The branding of Deep In The Keep continues with an official logo

Deep In The Keep is a beloved passion project of mine. If it develops into something more, there will be a snazzy logo already in place. After a lengthy period of brainstorming and design review, I am happy to announce a logo which illustrates the Deep In The Keep brand in brilliant fashion.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines keep (noun) as “the strongest and securest part of a medieval castle.” This is indeed where my joy of gaming, movies, fantasy, and all things which inspire imagination dwell, fortified against the stresses of the outside world which can easily rob them from a person’s soul. I considered more elaborate designs, but felt a connection with this classic representation of a keep’s strength and endurance.

Likewise, I went through many color combinations but always came back to these three; gray for the heavy stone (I love old stone and brick), red for the love of the genre, and a single white window to show some part of me is always there, deep inside the keep, dreaming, writing, gaming and welcoming kindred spirits who find themselves at the portcullis.

Welcome, friend. Now what shall talk about?

In case you were wondering what is a portcullis

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